Enrico Facca

Researcher in Numerical Analysis

Marie-Curie postdoctoral researcher (project NIOT)


Department of Mathematics
Univerisity of Bergen
Bergen (Norway)

Google Scholar
Fig.1 - A Branched Transport Problem simulation

I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoc researcher at the University of Bergen, Norway. My project, name NIOT (Network Inpainting via Optimal Transport) has the goal to define new mathematical and numerical tools for reconstruct corrupted networks. Our ultimate goal is to apply them to blood vessel networks in the human brain.

My research activities are mainly focused on developing new numerical schemes for the solution of the Optimal Transport problem. I started working on this topic during my PhD in Computational Mathematics, obtained in 2018 at Padova University under the supervision of Prof. Mario Putti.

In particular, I worked on the numerical solution of the PDE-based formulations of the Optimal Transport problem for the linear and quadratic cost. I am also interested in the study of the Branched Transport Problem and its applications.

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